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Are Botox Treatments A Miracle For Wrinkles Or A Toxic Scare

Are Botox Treatments A Miracle For Wrinkles Or A Toxic Scare?

A quick online search for the term Botox will reveal that there are as many people searching for Botox as there people searching for Botox alternatives. Botox was approved by the FDA in 2002 as a cosmetic procedure to get rid of wrinkles. A simple needle injection was demonstrated to miraculously eliminate nagging lines and wrinkles and the boom was on….until people started to read about what “tox” in Botox really was.

Botox is the trade name used for Botulinum Toxin Type A. Yes, I said toxin as in poison. Botox is in fact a relative of botulism, a kind of food poisoning. This food poisoning occurs when a person eats any kind of food that contains a neurotoxin which is created by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum.

Botulinum Toxin Type A, which is just one of seven of the neurotoxins that are produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. Botulinum Toxin Type A causes serious fatal conditions such as paralysis.

When this occurs, the neurotransmitter that is in charge of triggering muscle contractions (acetylcholine) can no longer be released. The Botulinum toxins have attacked the proteins such as SNAP-25 that are supposed to be essential for release of this acetylcholine.

The Botulinum toxins have now accomplished blocking the signals that are supposed to tell the victim's muscles to contract.

By now you’re probably wondering why anyone would want to inject these toxins into their body INTENTIALY. The reason is that we want to get results fast and Botox does work. If any area of your body can be prevented from moving, then it can't contract and guess what? It can’t wrinkle - that is the phenomenon of Botox!

Botox starts to work within hours but the results will not last permanently. Depending on your body, the effects of Botox can last anywhere from 3 to 8 months.

As for whether Botox is dangerous or not, the dangers remain fairly low.

Botox is definitely not recommended for people with neuromuscular disorders as it would be dangerous for them. It is also not recommended for people with cardiovascular disease. If you don’t have either of these problems you should still consult with your physician before considering Botox.

Studies have shown that if you are a person that is a good candidate for Botox injections and the injections are administered by a qualified profession you should not experience any dangerous side effects. If you are searching for a way to look longer, generally Botox is a relatively safe way to combat the aging process.

Can Flaxseed Reduce Blood Clots

Can Flaxseed Reduce Blood Clots?

Every minute of every day, our cells are busy breaking down the molecules of certain substances and building up the molecules of others. When we refuel our bodies with essential nutrients, the engine keeps working efficiently with minimal risk of breakdown. But when we consistently try to refuel with foods of poor nutritional value, the engine, your body, starts to work inefficiently and may lead to various health problems.

What is the Difference Between Brown and Golden Flaxseed?

Brown flax, can be eaten however, it is grown for the commercial Linseed Oil , paint, and solvents Industries. The Omega Golden Flax Seed was developed for human consumption and is preferred for the food market because of its nutty-buttery flavor. The nutritional value of golden flaxseed vs. brown flaxseed are very similar if the samples are of the same quality. Quality is very important in determining the omega-3 and omega-6 content and overall nutritional value.

Some of the Clear Benefits of Flaxseeds Includes:

1. Lowered blood cholesterol levels

2. Lowered high blood pressure

3. Increased energy, vitality, and stamina

4. Increased sense of calmness under stress

5. Reduced threat of blood clots

6. Protection against cancers, particularly hormone sensitive cancers such as breast and prostate

Can Flaxseed Eliminate Cancer?

The results showed that the flaxseed pre-lignans, converted in the intestines by bacteria into powerful anti-cancer lignans, were extremely efficient, in low doses, in killing the breast cancer cells in these volunteer women.

The results were nothing short of dramatic. The growth index in the cancer cells was reduced 34.2%, while the level of programmed cell death increased 30.7%. Women who expressed the HER2 metastatic oncogene saw its expression decrease by a dramatic 71%.

Researchers at The University of Tromso now report that fish oil supplementation lowers blood pressure significantly in people with hypertension and has no effect on glucose control even in people with mid diabetes.